27.11.-3.12.23. Bad Hofgastein, Austria

Become an Inside Flow teacher

Become an Inside Flow teacher and prepare yourself for the first Inside Flow Winter Summit. November 27th to December 3rd for 900,- EUR

You resonate strongly with Inside Flow classes? You can see yourself becoming like the teacher that you have witnessed? The 50h Inside Flow teacher training is exactly what you need.

The training includes detailed lessons on the key areas of Inside Flow including theory, practice, music, teaching, sequencing, and how to create Inside Flows.

Each Class is designed to flow with eclectic modern music, with the grand finale of the class being a perfectly sequenced flow to a special song. Based on the yogic philosophy SPANDA – the pulsation of nature – we embody the Spanda with our breath and our movement.

Experience the unity of Movement, Breath, Heart and Music!

Price: €900.00


  • Creating harmonious unity between breath and movement to deepen our understanding of yoga asanas.
  • Constructing and articulating strong intelligent sequencing.
  • Establishing rhythm and pace while teaching.
  • Designing playlists for an Inside Flow class & connecting the sequence to a deeper intention.
  • Learning functional breathing techniques.

Please note that the training will be a total of 50-hours certification, made up of 36 contact hours (in-person lessons) with 14 hours non-contact (assignments, group work and post-training actions etc).

From 10 am to 5 pm. Including lunch from La Lonja Mallorca and water during lunch break.

10:00 – 12:30pm Training
12:30 – 02:00pm Lunch Break
02:00 – 05:00pm Training

Please notice, that there is no accommodation included in the seminar price, only the training

  • Hie Kim

    The Teacher Trainer for the 50h Inside Flow Training is Hie Kim. Anna is supporting this 7 day teacher training.

  • Prep yourself

    …for the Inside Flow Winter Summit that comes just after the 50h Teacher Training.

Hie Kim

Hie Kim is one of the main teacher trainers of the legendary Inside Yoga Studio, which holds its teacher trainings in more than eight locations. There, he takes the role of the compassionate teacher trainer, that will let you conquer obstacles with knowledge and uncomfortable moments with humor. Hie teaches hundreds of yoga teachers every year and is well known in German speaking Europe and Asia. Hie Kim writes poems, books on yoga specific topics and organises the Yunion Yoga Festival in Gastein, Austria. Furthermore, Hie teaches multiple video series on the premium online yoga platform tintyoga.com

Hie’s biggest premise in his yoga classes is that the class itself is created in the space between teacher and student. This reactive teaching style called “ECHO Sequencing” is an advanced training that Hie teaches to established Yoga teachers. With a keen sense of methodology and a sensitive mind Hie Kim picks up his students right where they are and takes off to a journey where body, mind and emotions cross roads. His self-written shavasana poems are especially popular.


There are plenty of possibilities for accomodation. From cheap to luxurious.


Everyday will be held from 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 – 17:00. The Winter Summit will include Inside Flows from Pro & Senior Teachers as well as Young Ho Kim’s famous Inside Flow factory.


There are many options to choose from:

  • You need 5 minutes to walk to the closest supermarket.
  • The venue has an attached restaurant with catering service.
  • There are many hotels which offer great lunches like the Hotel Blü
  • There are many apartments with kitchens.