Ee Kyn Chee 🇲🇾

Inside Flow

- So, 01.09.24 🗣️: 🇬🇧


Eekyn Chee, founder of Jade Yoga Ipoh and Malaysia’s first Inside Flow Junior Teacher is from Ipoh, Malaysia. Her journey into yoga began in 2011, during her Latin dance days, and she has seamlessly integrated both passions ever since. An award-winning Latin dance competitor, Eekyn completed extensive training and workshops, and began teaching Latin dance in 2013. Her first encounter with Inside Flow was with Young Ho Kim in 2019, leading her to complete multiple teacher trainings globally. Eekyn's unique teaching style combines her deep understanding of Inside Yoga and Latin dance, characterized by graceful movements and a beautiful sense of music. Her innovative flow sequences have gained viral popularity, leading her to many opportunities to teach at major events both locally and globally.