Inside Flow 50h Teacher Training Luxembourg

Inside Flow 50h Teacher Training Luxembourg

50h INSIDE FLOW Immersion & Teacher Training with Guest Teacher Hie Kim

Mon Date: 14/02/2022- 20/02/2022 From: 09:00 – 17:00 with lunch break in between

Room: Paia Shala

50h INSIDE FLOW Immersion & Teacher Training 14.-20.2.2022

Music drives the Inside Flow Yoga classes and frames the whole sequence. During the Inside Flow class, you gently move from one posture to another carried by the music, bringing you into a trance-like, almost meditative state. Movement and breath are ONE. You can’t synchronize them because they come already together. You can only enhance your breath. We practice the key idea is the actual movement BETWEEN the postures, not the posture itself. The important thing is how you get to the posture.

In Inside Flow, you are singing a song with your body. Every language has its benefits and your challenge is to find your own. Some people relax with punk rock and some with classical music. Your choice of music defines you and your practice. Inside Flow has different sequences with slow, fast, upbeat, relaxing songs starting from Hip Hop to pop music. It’s wonderfully amusing and heartwarming. It is an evolution of Vinyasa Yoga!


Combine the unity of breathing and movement into a flowing experience. You learn to turn your observation from the outside through graceful movements and even breathing to a deep connection inward. An intensive connection of mental and physical forces through the focus of precise alignment of all asanas in connection with pranayama.


Structure and structure for a harmonious and creative flow that allows you and your students to delve deeper into yoga practice. Which asanas in which order, how do I combine all movements into one Unit, how do I build cornerstones for the sequence and develop a meaningful structure from basic to advanced courses, how can I pick up all of my students and refine their breath and movement.


The development of your own lesson profiles, Vinyasa Krama the lesson structure to thematic courses for beginners to advanced, practical development and training, your own lesson structure and practical training with a focus on certain peak asanas and topics, such as. Back bends, arm balance, forward bends with flowing transitions. The sequences and the guidance to the rhythm of the breath will challenge you mentally and physically. A loving connection with your own body and your students is established and movement and thought patterns are sensitively observed and refined.


Use the power of music and learn how to put together your playlist intelligently for Inside Flow at the right beat so that your flow becomes spiritual, philosophical, moving, moving and an unforgettable experience. The selection of the songs, the lyrics, the beat will become the heart of your hour. The connection of tact, breath, movement and body are trained in depth. Mindfulness and quality of life remain in focus and in the presence of the training.


The conscious use of the breath that accompanies us is trained and refined. Experience the slow, steady flow of breath and feel the interlocking and interaction of prana and mind. Inhalation and exhalation are refined and trained synchronized with the movement. During physical exertion, while moving, you learn to draw your strength by concentrating on the slow flow of air out of your lungs. The even inhalation and exhalation helps the body to adapt to changes so that your movement and your breath become one, right up to a meditative state. We focus our attention on movement as a means of refining the practice and learn to flow with the currents and waves of the breath. Develop your ability to feel and direct the rhythm and flow of breath and energy in the room and to teach from the heart and without shortness of breath.


Inside Flow is a registered trademark. Every participant who wants to teach Inside Flow has to register and pay a license fee once a year.
“A rare chance to get 50 TRC with the allstar team of teachers“ · Registrations on


The training includes detailed lessons on the key areas of Inside Flow including theory, practice, music, teaching, sequencing, and how to create Inside Flows. Inside Flow is a revolutionary vinyasa flow practice founded by Young Ho Kim. Each Class is designed to flow with eclectic modern music, with the grand finale of the class being a perfectly sequenced flow to a specific song. Based on the yogic philosophy SPANDA – the pulsation of nature – we embody the Spanda with our breath and our movement.

Creating harmonious unity between breath and movement to deepen our understanding of yoga asanas.
Constructing and articulating strong intelligent sequencing.
Establishing rhythm and pace while teaching.

Designing playlists for an Inside Flow class & connecting the sequence to a deeper intention.
Vinyasa Flow Alignment techniques
Storytelling in Yoga Class
Teaching and creating Inside Flows

Please note that the training will be a total of 50-hours certification, made up of 36 contact hours (in-person lessons) with 14 hours non-contact (assignments, group work and post-training actions etc).

Learn to connect breath with movement in the physical yoga practice. Flow through sequences with intention, as you link postures to open, stretch and restore the body from the inside out, all supported by a focused pranayama breath.

This Vinyasa Flow centered teacher training is for aspiring yoga teachers. You can also participate this teacher training if you want to immerse yourself in Vinyasa Flow practice.

This Teacher Training will be held by Hie Kim at Grace Studio in Luxembourg-Hamm in Paia Shala

Investment 1200,- EUR ( non refundable)

You will need to bring your own snacks, food and drinks.

Kindly bring your own Yoga material and props, a notebook and pencil



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